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Only human

A while ago my back went with a click and not in a good way. All I did, was to pick up my iPad. The issue had probably been coming on for a long time but the iPad was the straw that broke this camels back.

I found a guy called Nathan Chilton, a chiropractor in Castle Donington who has remained working during the Covid 19 crisis. After a couple of visits I was like brand new.

Two weeks ago I had to do a job for the fire service which totaled 40hr of driving. On the Friday night I was back at square one and couldn't move.

I have been upset, depressed, angry and frustrated. I have been considering how I'm going to manage another 4 years fire service when I can hardly move.

I wanted to do my Crossfit Level 1 training and start teaching it. Right now I struggle to tie my shoe laces let alone clean and jerk stuff.

My point is that no matter how fit you are or think you are shit happens. Even to me as a therapist shit happens. There is nothing I can do about it apart from be sensible, seek help, stay positive and keep moving as best as I can.

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